Can I go against casino rules? Does the casino serve as entertainment or a source of income? There is no single a single answer in society, everyone has his own opinion. It is known that winning at a casino is difficult, but there is a chance. Some players become professionals and turn the game into a source of income, the other part also often visits the casino, but the desire to earn on the game ends in the loss of everything. The question arises: is there a difference between two groups of professional players or not?
Is it possible to go against the rules of the casino?
The answer is only in the use of your mind, and abilities. However, does this mean that some are smarter, and others are more stupid? Not at all, just those who managed to win a large amount of money are not better, but just people who understand how you can make money at the game.
Again, invented methods of winning fall into two categories: legal and illegal. Legal ways are connected with the abilities of players, good trained memory and endurance.
Computer vs casino
Here I want to tell you a story from which happened thirty years ago. The decision was to use a computer during the game. In those years they were a rarity, and the size did not allow him to drag it in the casino. Again, the speed of information processing was unusually low. In order to win the casino, he developed his own model. It took a friend’s help, and Mickey beat a 2 million casino with him.
Despite the fact that the guys were hiding their invention, they got caught it and wanted to get their money back. It turned out that they had not violated any law and the casino did not get their money.
Now, of course, such a scheme is prohibited, but no one restricts people in ingenuity, especially since the rules never reach perfection, they always have to change something, adjusting to the speed of life. Another thing is that we have to be original, finding new methods of obtaining to win a casino.