Remember! No one will protect you better and more efficiently than you. Therefore, check the blacklists of online casinos. They can be found on every popular casino forum.
Even if a player made a mistake at this stage and yet turned out to be a victim of a casino that was not honest, then he should not panic and.
You need to undertake to be as calm as doable, irrespective of the number of cash in your account balance. A sober head can tell you the most effective resolution to the present downside. Remember that you are not alone with your problem. There are organizations on the internet that will offer you free help.
The main thing is that you should understand once and for all that you should never give up because this is what your offenders are waiting for.
Regardless of the amount for withdrawal, fight for it, as you would fight for million dollars. You will stay with your money, and scammers will think many times before robbing their clients.
Be sure to read the license agreement between the player and the casino
But this can not guarantee you the honesty and decency of online casino. A section in which the information about the license agreement is indicated is available on every virtual gambling platform of an online casino.
Each user should carefully read the information contained here. In this section, all disputed issues that may arise between the player and the casino are described in details.
For example, first, the casino offers you a bonus to a primary deposit (its quantity will reach three-hundredth of the deposit amount). However, you will be able to withdraw your winnings on the condition that you created a particular range of bets. This number is indicated in the license agreement. So, only then you can withdraw.
In addition, the withdrawal of money can be carried out only after the identification of your personality. The document also states what needs to be done for this and how soon after uploading the necessary scanned copies of documents you will be able to withdraw your money.